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Unusual 8th Anniversary Gifts - Pottery from Japan

Pottery for 8th Anniversary Gifts
Pottery is the traditional 8th Wedding Anniversary gift. Give her a Japanese vase, or perhaps an unusual tea cup set for 2.

Japanese Tea Cup Set
Regular price: $49.00
Gift specials: $25.00
Japanese Pottery:  Black Rectangular Vase
Regular price: $40.00
Gift specials: $25.00
The Traditional Anniversary Gift List suggests bronze or pottery for an 8th Anniversary. Why use these materials for 8th wedding anniversary gifts?

Pottery is both a simple and sophisticated material. Created from a simple and natural material, clay. Itís then heated to a high temperature in a kiln. Though potentially breakable, if handled gently, fired pottery can last through the ages. Pots, vessels, and sculptures, have lasted for thousands of years.