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Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts of Tin, Aluminum or Diamonds

Tin 10th Anniversary Gifts
Tin or aluminum is the traditional material for a 10th wedding anniversary, while diamond is the modern. So each of these original designs uses tin, aluminum, or diamonds to celebrate ten years of marriage!

We carry original jewelry packaged in a lovely tin box, as well as a series of unique aluminum vases, specially created to fit together. They both catch the spirit of the anniversary, as well as the tradition material used to celebrate it. As for diamonds, several pendants that have been specially designed to celebrate a tenth. Each has 10 brilliant cut diamonds within it...

Metals are used to celebrate many anniversary years. Although aluminum is an abundant element, it was actually an extremely costly material before efficient methods of extracting it were developed. In the early 1850s, it was more expensive than gold!

But as technology improved, production costs went down. Though a metal, aluminum is extremely lightweight. It has been used in everything from brightly colored martini shakers to lightweight chairs to window frames.

Why both tin and aluminum? Most likely because both metals have a number of similar properties.. both are malleable metals, resistant to corrosion, and light grey in appearance. They are also (at least today) considered among the more basic metals, rather than the precious ones. As this is the first metal chosen to celebrate a major anniversary year, it seems reasonable that a more common metal was chosen.

Customer Comments for our 10th Anniversary Gifts

"Perfect 10th year anniversary gift and it arrived on time. Great job." - Randy

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