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The Modern Anniversary Gift List offers platinum for 20 years of marriage. What makes platinum special for a 20th wedding anniversary? Platinum is an even rarer and more precious metal than gold.

Platinum has a beautiful silver-white color, itís an extremely dense metal. Holding even a small piece of platinum jewelry, you can feel the weight in your hand. Itís quite durable, with a harder surface than either gold or silver.

The Traditional Anniversary Gift List suggests china for a 20th anniversary.. Fine china is a perfect complement to fine crystal. Itís what you take out for special occasions...

China originally meant a high quality porcelain or ceramic piece from China. Over time, it has taken on the broader meaning of all fine quality, delicate ceramics. Some porcelain china even takes on a glowÖ itís so thin that it becomes translucent, letting light filter through. Often purchased in sets, it can be a place setting for eight, or tea cups for two. China combines beauty, delicacy, and function.

Customer Comments for our 20th Anniversary Gifts

"Absolutely great service for a unique and perfect gift." - Arthur

"The necklace was even better in person! My wife loved it!" - Craig