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Traditional 4th Anniversary Gifts of Flower Jewelry & Kimono Robes

Flowers 4th Anniversary Gifts
Here are some unusual gift ideas for you, beyond fresh flowers, to celebrate your 4th anniversary.... We've created several different designs of original jewelry inspired by flowers, and crafted in sterling silver. Or give her a special four sapphire necklace for 4 wonderful years.

Another romantic idea is our sexy silk kimono with a flower pattern. Or maybe buy some fresh flowers, and display them in one of our elegant vases!

The Traditional Anniversary Gift List suggests Fruit or Flowers for a 4th anniversary. What makes it a special gift for a fourth anniversary? Possibly the choice might be connected with fertility. Both fruits and flowers are associated with reproduction. The connection between a few years of marriage and starting to have children seems about right. As for gifts, you have to use your imagination to buy a gift of fruit. But there are some possibilities… fruit of the month clubs, fruit baskets, and bouquets made of fruit…

Flowers are always a safe bet for their beauty. A downside is the limited lifespan for enjoyment. It also tends to be a fairly common gift, and one that can look like it was bought at the last minute gift (even when it wasn't...) One way around these issues is to buy the flowers in combination with a lovely vase. That way the flowers can be enjoyed for the week. And the vase can be enjoyed forever. Another clever, long lasting choice might be jewelry with a flower design within it.

The Modern Anniversary Gift List suggests an appliance for a fourth anniversary gift. What it lacks in sexy, it makes up for in practical... If finances are tight, it makes lots of sense. But buying some flowers along with the new dishwashwer would probably be a smart idea...