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Five Diamond "Starry Sky" Necklace (Yellow, 18k Gold): An Intriguing Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift, in a Wood Box

Five Diamond "Starry Sky" Necklace (Yellow, 18k Gold)
Five Diamond "Starry Sky" Necklace (Yellow, 18k Gold)
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Gift Background

Five Diamond "Starry Sky" Necklace (Yellow, 18k Gold)
One side of this original pendant shows five diamond stars within a gold universe. The other side has a melting heart design, with the subtle hint of a heart softly set into the surface.

Each of the diamonds has been handset into this solid, 18k Yellow Gold design. (5/8" did). A 14k gold chain is included. Comes packed in a wood box.

Wood is the traditional material for a fifth anniversary gift, so if you were thinking of buying this as an anniversary gift, it's both traditional on the outside and uniquely origin on the inside!

A White Gold, Starry Sky Necklace is also available.

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