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5 Diamond "Starry Sky" Necklace (White, 18k Gold): Designed to Celebrate a 5th Wedding Anniversary!

5 Diamond "Starry Sky" Necklace (White, 18k Gold)
5 Diamond "Starry Sky" Necklace (White, 18k Gold)
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Gift Background

5 Diamond "Starry Sky" Necklace (White, 18k Gold)
A diamond is at the center of each star, with 5 stars filling this 18k gold universe... What makes it even more special is the subtle heart on the other side. This sensual heart is designed for touch, as well as sight.

This pendant is reversible, and can be worn with either the diamonds or the heart facing out. It's cast in 18k White Gold, and each of these real diamonds have been handset. It is ~5/8" in diameter, and comes with a 14k Gold chain.

Though suitable for any special occasion, this Starry Sky necklace is perfect for a fifth wedding anniversary gift, with 5 diamonds within 5 stars. For tradition's sake, we even pack it in a wood box. Wood is the traditional gift for a 5 year anniversary gift.

A Yellow Gold, Starry Sky Necklace is also available.

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