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Classic 6th Anniversary Gift of Iron Flower Vases and Cast Iron Boxes with Jewelry!

Iron 6th Anniversary Gifts
Iron is a traditional gift for a 6th wedding anniversary. So what's iron and a lovely gift?

Give her an iron flower vase crafted in Japan. Both shape and surface are striking. Looks great on its own. And even better with some fresh flowers to celebrate the moment!

Or perhaps a meaningful silver necklace or ring, packed in an unusual cast iron container...

Iron or candy are traditional 6th wedding anniversary gifts. What makes these special gifts for a sixth anniversary?

Iron is in keeping with the other metals in the traditional wedding anniversary gift list. The 6th year is the earliest anniversary that a metal appears in. Iron is known for its durability and usefulness, though less frequently for its beauty. However, the black coloring of iron is both simple and strong.

Candy may not be long lasting, but there is sweetness behind it. And perhaps thatís enough of a reasonÖ Chocolate may not last long, but itís hard not to like.

The Modern Anniversary Gift List suggests annother possibility for a sixth wedding anniversary... wood. Natural, practical, and beautiful, it can be formed into intricate designs or simply enjoyed in it's natural state.