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Traditional 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts of Pottery

Pottery 9th Anniversary Gifts
The Traditional 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts is Pottery. Don't just give her flowers alone for this special occasion! Give her a Japanese vase to hold them in...

This pottery is imported from Japan, and will last through the years.

The Traditional Anniversary Gift List suggests pottery or willow for a 9th wedding anniversary. What makes them special ninth anniversary gifts?

Though pottery has been used for thousands of years, the possibilities are infinite. The designs take on the tastes of the times they’re created in. The forms can be simple or complex, the glazing pure or multi-hued.

The associations of willow include natural, durable and flexible. It can be woven into wicker, and used for baskets, chairs, and other furniture.

The Modern Anniversary Gift List suggests leather for a ninth anniversary. A rich material, if well cared for, it can grow more beautiful with age.