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Customer Responses for our unique Business Card Holders

"Very pleased with the service and the products..." - Linda

"The quality of my business card holder was better than I expected. I would definately purchase more in the future." Judith

"I was extremely pleased with not only the products provided by Architect's Touch but also the service. On my second purchase from the company, I needed an item that was not offered by the company (or anywhere else on the web - and not for lack of a lot of trying). The owner worked with me to customize the order in three different variations for me to choose from and built an item to suit my exact purpose. He was in contact with me via phone and email to be sure he provided the item to my exact specifications - - - the outcome greatly exceeded my expectations and the quality of the product was well beyond my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend to anyone Architect's Touch." - Christine

"Item ordered is very unique and the delivery was very fast." - Faith

"Fantastic organization. I called them at 7PM because I needed 2-3 day shipping and figured that meant Fedex and premium charges. I was advised to ship via their free UPS ground for 1-2 day delivery. I did as they suggested and had the product in my hand less than 24 hrs. later. They have a beautiful web site and the classiest desk accessories on the planet. There is nothing to hate and everything to love about this company. I have already recommended them to a dozen friends." - Todd