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Czech Glass Egg (red): A swirl of color within a transparent glass

Czech Glass Egg (red)
Czech Glass Egg (red)
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Czech Glass Egg (red)
A rich red form, reminiscent of a flowerbud, hides within each glass egg. Frozen glass bubbles swirl around it...

This cut glass egg is handmade, making each one unique. It makes a beautiful accent piece for a home, as well as an original gift for a wedding, anniversary, or birthday. (3" wide x 5" high)

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Customer Responses for "Czech Glass Egg"

"I recently purchased a glass paperweight from ARCHITECTs Touch: Gifts of Elegance for my wife for our 1st anniversary. This was probably the best online shopping experience I have ever had. Why? Because the selection and price were far better than any other online merchants, there was no shipping or tax, and delivery took little time. Oh, and the best part! In the comments section of the online order form, I asked the merchant to please wrap the gift carefully since it was ~3 lbs of handcrafted glass. Within a day I received an e-mail stating that they had taken care when wrapping the package.

When the package arrived, it was double-boxed. Not only that, but the inner, beautifully gift-wrapped box was floating on a layer of newspaper and packing peanuts. And inside the inner box were more packing peanuts! Talk about customer service! So, the merchant is deserving of the ratings I have assigned, and Yahoo! should be proud to have ARCHITECTs Touch: Gifts of Elegance as one of their merchants."
- Eric