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Silver Ogee necklace in Origami Box: Slowly unfold the paper box to reveal an elegant silver necklace!

Silver Ogee Necklace in Origami Box
Silver Ogee Necklace in Origami Box
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Silver Ogee Necklace in Origami Box
The 10 sided origami box has been folded from thickly textured paper, crafted from natural bits of flowers and leaves. The sensuous sterling silver Ogee pendant (1-1/2" long) and matching chain are hidden within it.

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Customer Reviews for "Silver Ogee Necklace in Origami Box"

"My wife loved the Ogee necklace and how it came wrapped in the origami box. GREAT SERVICE!! Would do more business with this company!!" - James

"Product was shipping quickly. I like the Ogee pendant, but I would like to have seen the necklace chain on which it rests be a bit nicer. It makes the overall combination look a bit cheaper than it is." - Adam

"It was a pleasure ordering from Architects touch. They were very rekiable, punctual and I would definitely do business with them again." - Germaine