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Sterling Silver Ogee Pendant: It's the meaningful "Connection Necklace"

Sterling Silver Ogee Pendant
Sterling Silver Ogee Pendant
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Gift Background

Sterling Silver Ogee Pendant
I call this sterling silver pendant, the "Ogee" pendant. This sensuous design is a perfect gift for Birthdays or Anniversaries. Or maybe just for yourself...

The double-curve shape is the line of connection found in the traditional Asian symbol for balance and harmony. Yin represents female and Yang is male. The form of the "Ogee" pendant echoes that lasting connection, the balance found between 2 people.

A sleek, sterling silver snake chain is included. The pendant was specially designed to allow the chain to slide directly through it. This helps give the 'Ogee' its sinuous, uncluttered design. The simpler the outfit, the more accessories like this silver pendant will shine! (1.5" long)

As for the name, an 'Ogee' (pronounced oh' jee) is an architectural term for a double curved shape. Well, this is Architects Touch, after all...

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Customer Reviews for "Sterling Silver Ogee Pendant"

"This was a tremendously positive experience. Better than retail in many ways, but what stood out most was the personal (yes, I said PERSONAL) attention I received. Let me explain: I ordered an anniversary gift for my wife (an Ogee)and wrote out a personal message, as prompted for. Without thinking, I spelled the word S-O-L-E, but was not referring to the bottom of my shoe. Not realizing at the time that I had done this, to my surprise, I received an e-mail the next day asking me if I meant to spell the word that way or did I really want to say S-O-U-L. I was in awe. I'm certain that that attention to detail would not have been availed to me in the typical retail transaction. Thank you." - Jeffrey

"The site was very easy to navigate and I was able to find a great gift for my anniversary. Check out was easy and everything was smooth throughout the purchase process. The only hiccup for me was shipping. I chose 2nd day air. I ordered on a Monday after the cut off for it to go out that day so it went out on Tuesday. Going out on Tuesday, In my mind 2nd day air would have delivered it by Thursday afternoon, two days later. It didnt arrive until Friday. Once I made the problem known to Architects they immediately refunded the difference between normal shipping cost and the 2nd day air that I paid and everything worked out. Next time Ill order earlier to make sure it is there on time. Great site overall. I will use them again." - James

"Excellent service. This seller provided excellent feedback on order confirmation and shipping status. Product arrived as described with easy shipping tracking. Great product - my girlfriend loved it!" - Jon

"Bottom line: The company delivered what was promised. Exactly. I ordered something on 2/22 at 1:58PM for next day delivery. (Website stated items needed to be ordered by 2:00PM.) And the next day it showed up. Exactly what I ordered. So, with a data point of one, I can say this company was perfect." - William

"Excellent service. Printing is too small on this review page, hard to read."- Kenneth

"Great product, prompt service and delivery. First time ordering and I was pleased with the necklace I ordered. It matched the description exactly. Quick processing and prompt delivery. Would recommend this site and plan on re-visiting again." - Linda

"I purchased a Ogee Silver Pendant for my wife on our anniversary. I had questions about the product and had to have it by a specific date. My questions sent by email were promptly and professionally answered. Item was shipped and received on time as promised. My rating is excellent in all areas for ARCHITECTs Touch: Gifts of Elegance." - E.J.