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Classic 14th Anniversary Gift of gold jewelry for fourteen years of marriage

Gold 14th Anniversary Gifts
Gold is a suggested material to celebrate a 14th wedding anniversary. Give your wife original jewelry crafted from 18k gold.

The Modern Anniversary Gift List suggests gold for a 14 years of marriage. A rare and precious material, with a cost that often matches. Gold leaf has been used over the ages in both art and ornament. Gold has been a standard of monetary exchange over the centuries. Because of its high cost, it has been considered a sign of wealth, as well as of beauty.

More appropriate for a gift of course, is jewelry. Gold jewelry has been used to adorn the body for millennium. Gold is very malleable, making it ideal for crafting into jewelry. Alloys are frequently mixed in, to help make the gold slightly more durable, since pure gold is soft and easily scratched. Another positive effect of alloys is to make jewelry more affordable, since pure gold is quite expensive. And alloys also allow gold to take on different shades, such as white gold or rose gold.

24 karat gold is pure gold. 14 karat gold is roughly 58% gold, and is quite common in the USA. 18 karat gold is a higher grade since itís 75% gold, and is more common in Europe.

The Traditional Anniversary Gift List suggests ivory for a 14th anniversary. Always a fairly rare material, in recent times itís become even rarer. Originally from the tusks of elephants, it's been used in the creation of buttons, billiard balls, piano keys ("tickle the ivories") and other creations. The attractive properties of ivory include its color, durability, and ability to be carved. Ivory is an uncommon material, that's created slowly and naturally.

Because of poaching and reduced animal populations, ivory trading has been banned in varying degrees, over the past 20 years. In many cases, plastic has taken its place. Though reused ivory is still an option. The word ďivoryĒ has now taken on a meaning of a soft off-white color, as well. So perhaps a gift in an ivory color might be a clever take for a 14th wedding anniversary, as well.