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Melting Heart Necklace (18k Yellow Gold): The Sensuous Hint of a Heart

Melting Heart Necklace (18k Yellow Gold)
Melting Heart Necklace (18k Yellow Gold)
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Gift Background

Melting Heart Necklace (18k Yellow Gold)
We searched for the right name for this new pendant... We finally chose Melting Heart for the name... gently evocative of love.

Photographing it was as challenging as naming it... The high polish, and subtle shifts of shape, allow it to reflect everything around it. But what's a challenge for our photographic skills, is an attribute for the pendant in real life. The sensual heart shape remains ever present.

This gold heart pendant is created in 18k yellow gold (5/8" dia). It includes an 18" long chain of 14k gold.

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