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Traditional 3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas: Jewelry with Leather cords or Colorful Crystal Hearts & Vases

Leather and Crystal 3rd Anniversary Gifts
Leather is the traditional material for a 3rd anniversary. And Crystal is a suggested gift for a 3rd wedding anniversary, according to modern gift lists. Celebrate three years of marriage with something beautiful and with meaning!

Give her a colorful glass heart from Italy, or an elegant crystal vase from the Czech Republic. For another approach, you could celebrate the number three itself, by giving your wife a special necklace with 3 precious diamonds or sapphires.

Leather is the suggested traditional gift for a 3rd anniversary. Crystal is the suggested gift following modern gift lists. It seems a likely follow up after the 2nd anniversary choice of china. In the world of gifts, crystal means quality glassware with a high level of transparency and brilliance. Crystal gifts are usually created for the table or as ornamental pieces for display around the home.. Many classic pieces exist for the formal meals of the holidays. But newer designs can be casual, colorful, and playful!

The traditional 3rd year anniversary gift is Leather. What makes it a special gift for a third anniversary? A bit more durable than cotton, leather is often found in accessories. If well treated, it can age beautifully.

For the tabletop, we carry imported vases and glass eggs from the Czech Republic. They have rich coloring and fascinating forms. For women's jewelry we carry a select choice of glass pendants and earrings from Murano, Italy.

And we also carry special necklace, specially designed with three precious stones.