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SLIDE NECKLACES (Colorful Gems in a Sterling Silver Necklace)

Silver Slide Necklaces: Diamonds, Sapphires
Our Silver Slide Necklace is a delicate design. It's a clean, simple slide necklace with an integral bail.

We have several variations of this design. The original comes with 1, 2, or 3 Diamonds, and a black rubber cord to boldly set them off. Our latest version is a bit more tapered in design. It comes with a variety of colorful gemstones to choose from...

The tapered sapphire slide pendants can be purchased individually, or with a silver omega snake chain. More pendants can be added, and slid onto the existing chain as needed! Our new tapered Silver Slide Pendant is also now available with any birthstone you choose! This Birthstone edition comes with pendant, birthstone, and omega chain included.

Customer Responses for Silver Slide Necklace
"I'm a long-time customer of yours, and I really enjoy your pieces. Of course, my wife enjoys them even more! I'll keep coming back, and I hope you add new works to your collection." - Nathan